My Passion for the Countryside Unveiled…

It was in 1987, when I first decided to make a photographic record of the Sussex countryside.  My wife and I, would set out a every opportunity we could, to walk, and enjoy the field paths and country lanes of our rural county.  And on those nomadic wanderings, I always found something to photograph – the numerous animals, birds, bees, reptiles, flowers, (including rare orchids) insects, butterflies, the beauty of the landscapes and much more.  I also photographed many of the interesting old buildings we discovered; and old shepherd huts; redundant farm machinery; and in fact, any curious artefacts we came across.  Then there are the events that happened over those years – the great storm of 1987, and the change it made to the countryside that we knew so well – also the floods; the snow storms – and the weather – all this, and much more I recorded on film – a selection of which are shown through my website.

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