‘West Sussex Barns and Farm Buildings’

By Annabelle Hughes & David Johnstonbarn-book-image

110 colour photographs.  Large format, casebound and jacketed. (ISBN 1 904349 005)

Published 2002 – by:-THE DOVECOTE PRESS, Wimborne, Dorset.  DH21 4JD.


Sussex Archaeological Society: Nov 2003.  “…The volume is lavishly illustrated by colour photographs, all of which admirably portray these utilitarian, yet noble buildings…”

West Sussex County Times: Nov 29th 2002.  “…This book is not an academic tome. Dr Hughes, comments are concise and act as a background for the superb photographs.  These are supplied by David Johnston, an experienced photographer whose beautiful pictures have graced many newspapers and magazines…”

This book was a Limited Edition, which is now Sold Out.

'David Johnston, is a Sussex Artist who creates 'offbeat' paintings with an old world flavour. David also has a Sussex Countryside Photography Collection. Here you can enjoy a Unique Collection of Landscapes – Natural World – Steam Fairs – Bygone Farming – Heavy Horses – Barns & Farm Buildings – Military Vehicles